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Spectral RS

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Spectral RS Stress Inhibitor


The most advanced minoxidil-free hair loss treatment formula that delivers astonishing results.

·     Clinically proven to increase hair growth, arrest fall out, and increase diameter of hair strands.

·     Uses nanosome technology to maximize delivery of hair re-growth compounds into the scalp.

·     The ideal hair loss treatment for thinning hair and diffuse hair loss.

·     Contains research grade re-growth ingredients including Aminexil?


Spectral RS works by addressing multiple causes that lead to hair loss, thinning hair and internal factors such as stress, hormonal disturbances, lack of vitamins and mineral salts, and the use of certain medications. Spectral RS hair loss treatment help improve the nutrition, circulation, and metabolism of the follicle. All Spectral RS ingredients are derived from highest purity organic sources and work synergistically to deliver maximum results in the treatment of thinning hair.


Key ingredients:

·     Herbal Extracts

·     Aminexil SP94

·     Retinol

·     Nanosomes

·     Copper Peptides

·     Vitamin & Mineral Complex



Shake well before use. Apply 14 or more sprays directly in the area of hair loss and thinning hair, twice per day. Hold the localized hair loss treatment spray close to the scalp to avoid getting the medication on the hair. Massage the lotion into the scalp. Do not rinse. Spectral RS should be applied whether your hair has been washed or not. Spectral.RS can be used in conjunction with topical treatments containing Minoxidil for dramatically improved hair re-growth effectiveness.