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BioFlavonoid Toner

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Bioflavonoid Toner




Skin Type: Dry, Sun Damaged, Skin types exposed to sun


Bioflavonoid Toner instantly reduces visible signs of reddened or coupe rose skin with this super concentrate of Vitamin C and Lemon Bioflavonoid-two of the best agents to control dry, sensitive complexions plagued by red, spider-like veins, Toners complete the cleansing experience while preparing the way for moisturizers and special treatments.


Fragrance: Orange essential oil pH: 7.0


Action Ingredients:

· Ascorbyl methylsilanol pectinate: stabilized, time-released vitamin C

· Aloe barbadensis: soothing and hydrating gel; keeps skin calm, moist and supple

· Lemon bioflavonoid: delivers vitamin C to skin cells to ensure activity




Home Care: Apply Bioflavonoid Toner over clean skin after cleansing and before applying moisturizer.


Facial Procedure: Apply Bioflavonoid Toner liberally over skin between treatment steps and over face or other areas after extractions. Recommended for Laser-treated skin. Allow to dry - do not remove.


Available in 4.5 oz plastic squeeze bottle.


Ingredients: Aloe barbadensis gel (hydrating, soothing), purified water (base), lemon bioflavonoids (antioxidant), methyl gluceth-20 (solubilizer), butylene glycol (hydrating), orange oil (fragrant, refreshing oil), polysorbate-80 (mild emulsifier), ascorbyl methylsilanol pectinate (time-released vitamin C), lemon peel extract (refreshing, purifying), lemon peel oil (refreshing, purifying), phenoxyethanol (antimicrobial preservative), potassium sorbate (antimicrobial preservative).