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Mineral Gems

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Your Secret Weapon.

Light and luminous loose mineral powders for use on eyes, lips, or cheeks are so versatile you can't resist! Anywhere you want a glamorous shine, these gems accent base colors, lighten or darken colors, give a shimmer to your favorite color, and much more. Robust colors simply need a bit of eyeliner sealer to wetten and line your eyes and lips. Blush and bronzers mesh well with this, and your eyeshadow can be jazzed up without buying a new color everytime you want a slightly different look. Truly, the uses for these gems are endless.

The gems are broken down into 6 categories with 18 shades to choose from.

  • Brights: Go-go gold, Twinkle pink, Greenlight
  • Neutral: Fire opal, Toasted topaz, Bronze metal
  • Color: Amazing amethyst, Summer sapphire, Arctic aquamarine
  • Russets: Starlight brown, Cosmic copper, Savvy saffron
  • Metallic: Platinum, Silver, Gold
  • Smokey: Moondance, Evergreen, Vintage violet

Applications: Use an eyeshadow brush for a lighter dusting, or dip a liner brush into the sealer then into the mineral gems and draw on a perfect vibrant line of sparkle!