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Vitaplus Masque

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Vitaplus Masque


Skin Types: Undernourished, Stressed, Dry, Oily, Normal, Aging/Mature, Acne-Prone, Sensitive,

Combination, all skin types


Vitaplus masque has vitamin A, C, D and E to restore skin’s healthy vitality within minutes in this pore-purifying blend of three soothing Clays and soothing Herbs. Revitalizes dull, listless, undernourished skin, balances oily and dry skin zones, and purifies pores within minutes.


Fragrance: Essential oils of orange and lavender. pH 7.5


Action Ingredients:

·     Vitamin A: Strong age-fighting nutrient required for cellular skin health.

·     Vitamin C: Antioxidant, protects skin moisture barrier.

·     Vitamin D: Boosts anti-aging effects of Vitamin A, assists in skin revitalizing.

·     Vitamin E: Antioxident, protects skin moisture barrier.

·     Zinc Oxide: Highly effective soothing, pore-purifying mineral clay.

·     Safflower Oil: Softens, lubricates and prtoects stressed, undernourished skin.

·     Soothing Plant Extract: Visibly calms redness and other signs of sensitivity.




Home Care: Smooth a liberal amount of Vitaplus Masque over clean, dry skin 1-2 times a week. Wait approximately 10 minutes until dry to touch. Remove with warm water.


Facial Prcedure: Apply Vitaplus Masque liberally following extraction process. Let dry (aprox. 10 minutes) to the touch. Rince thoroughly with moist warm sponge or towel.


Power Treatments:


Very Dry Skin: to boost moisture and improve softness, blend 1-2 pumps Moisture Boost HydraGel with VitaPlus Masque.


Undernourished Skin: blend 1 pump Nutriment Blue Oil with VitaPlus Masque. Masque may take longer than 10 minutes to dry.


Breakouts, Congestion, Extremely Oily Skin: blend 1-2 pumps Rescue Gel with VitaPlus Masque.


Extrememly Oily Skin: blend 1-2 pumps Shine-Free Solution with VitaPlus Masque.


Stressed Skin or Multiple Imperctions: blend 1-3 pumps of Activating Liposome Complex with VitaPlus Masque.


Hydrating Nutrinet Masque: Using a stiff fan masque brush, blend 1 tsp. VitaPlus Masque, 1/4 tsp. Nutriment Blue Oil and 1/2 tsp. Moisture Boost HydraGel. Apply with brush to clean skin. Remove with lukewarm water after 10 minutes.


Available in 2 oz. Frosted plastic jar.


Ingredients: Purified water (base), bentonite (absorbent clay), safflower oil (lipid-rich oil), zinc oxide (absorbent clay), calendula* extract (soothing), chamomile* extract (soothing), linden* extract (soothing), cornflower* extract (soothing and softening), matricaria* extract (soothing), hypericum* extract (soothing), glycerin (hydrating), witch hazel* extract (astringent), titanium dioxide (absorbent clay), xanthan gum (thickening agent), polysorbate 80 (emulsifier), butylene glycol (hydrating), orange oil (fragrant essential oil), dipotassium glycyrrhizate (soothing), corn oil (cleansing lubricant), retinyl palmitate (stabilized vitamin A), cholecalciferol (stabilized vitamin D), tocopherol (stabilized vitamin E), lavender oil (fragrant essential oil), ascorbic acid (freshness preservative), phenoxyethanol (antimicrobial preservative), methylparaben (antimicrobial preservative), ethylparaben (antimicrobial preservative), disodium EDTA (antimicrobial preservative), propylparaben (antimicrobial preservative), butylparaben (antimicrobial preservative).