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Spectral DNC-S

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This new product replaces the old DNC-L

Delivers effectiveness with a better feel for men and women.

 DNC-S is the most advanced technology for multiple benefits. In addition to the wide spectrum of treatment activities, significant attention is given to long-term efficancy, comfortable war, and overall improvement in health.

Spectral.DNC-S delivers later-stage hair-recovery effectiveness for both men and women, while maintaining a pleasant texture and a healthy environment for the scalp, unlike formulas with generic minoxidil, which leaves a greasy, sticky residue, and can be irritating for many.

  • Ion channels. Multiple ingredients open ion channels within scalp cells to enable the flow of proteins and enzymes for superior results.
  • Dihydrotestosterone. Key ingredients control DHT production to help keep follicles healthy and normal.
  • Botanicals. Extensive use of botanical compounds, instead of chemicals such as minoxidil and finasteride, delivers hair-health benefits naturally.
  • Dual-chamber system. Separate chambers keep ion-channel openers and synergistic compounds stable until users combine them for maximum activity.

The wide-spectrum actions of Spectral.DNC-S together with the high-performance standards of DS Laboratories mean long-term efficacy, comfortable wear, and overall health improvement. So users enjoy a quick, significant impact on texture and fullness, plus compounded benefits longer term.


Apply six sprays twice per day directly in the area of thinning hair. Rub the piquid evenly over the area and wash hands with soap and water immediately after use. Do not rince. Spectral DNC-S should be used whether hair has been washed or not.


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